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June 28, 2005

A Different Take On Sarbox

Provocative post on Sarbanes-Oxley and security.

Meanwhile, the broader push for homeland security has prompted the creation of new initiatives to prevent cyberterrorism, a nebulous but serious thread to the American way of life. According to war games, a North Korean or Chinese hacker with a paper clip, a rubber band, and an Atari could destroy a significant portion of America’s electronic infrastructure, to significant economic and social detriment—and presumably to the consternation of politicians who face reelection. In response to this looming threat, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley bill, loaded with measures intended to create greater security for America’s electronic networks, while also improving corporate governance and preventing fraud. Although the bill is unquestionably thick and laden with requirements, is it up to the task of protecting the homeland? Previous encounters between business and industry suggest not. In this article, I evaluate major failings in Sarbanes-Oxley and suggest alternatives.


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